CMP - WK3- Wizarding World (June 12-16) - 2nd-3rd

Please Note
The below registrations are for a full week of Camp at the Adventure Science Center. Our traditional camps serve children in K-6th grade. Specialty Camps serve specific age groups: Design, Build, Test, and LEGO® (Grade: 2nd-5th), Tinkering, Making, and Inventing (Grade: 3rd-6th), Science + Fashion (Grade: 4th-7th), Robotics and Electronics (Grade 4th-7th).

Children must be at least 5 years old with one year of schooling. Register campers for the grade they will be entering in the Fall semester of 2023.

Before/After Care: Links to purchase this add on are found to the left (computer) or below (phone).

For all general inquiries regarding Camp, please email