Max Flight: Full Motion Simulator

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Selected date:

Thursday, April 25

Selected time

9:10 AM  –  9:20 AM

Flight Rules for Single Rider

Must be at least 48" tall*
Max Weight: 175 pounds

Flight Rules for Two Riders

Must be at least 48" tall*
Riders' weight differential must be 175 pounds or less
Max combined weight: 450 pounds
* Riders between 42" and 47" may ride ONLY if accompanied by a second rider who is 48" or taller and 16 years of age or older.

Please Note: Max Flight: Full Motion Simulator is not recommended for persons who experience motion sickness; experience claustrophobia; are pregnant; are epileptic; have heart conditions, back or neck ailments, or any serious disabilities; or are in a condition at the time of the ride that would impair judgment.

Riders must arrive at least five (5) minutes before their ticket time. Late arrivals may be subject to cancellation. No refunds available for cancellations due to late arrival.